Avonaire Intimate Dear Darling

Born 30.03.2001

Dodo and her sisters, Soffi and Mini, got the last part og their names " Dear Darling" as a tribute to their mother,
Avonaire Dear Little Darling, Nille,  my dearest friend in the world, who I lost at their birth, she died at the C- section
while giving birth to them.

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Dodo is 7 months here   and a wonderful girl. She has a very sweet temper. She loves our long trips in "the wild" but is also quite a couchpotato.

Dodo is 1 years here, and has just won her first CC. it was given to her by Teresa Maddox, Salvenik kennels, UK.

She has developed just as good as I had hoped, and I have high hopes for her future inside and out of the showring.

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