Avonaire Dear Little Darling

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It is with tremendous  pain, that I now have to move Nille to the dogs, that are no longer with me. She was my best friend,  my soulmate, my bedwarmer and my joy and sunshine

Nille died during a C-section, and at that moment my life just stopped.  I can't believe she is not with me any more, and I miss her more than mere words can express. Only the litter of 5 motherless puppies kept me going, and I managed to keep them all alive. Nilles three daughters are now with me, and it is some kind of comfort in the grief of loosing their mother.

Nille was my once-in-a-lifetime dog. There will never be another like her.

Rest in peace, my dear sweet Girl. Wait for me at the rainbow bridge. I miss you so much.


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